If you are throwing a party for someones Birthday or even just a get together with friends, book entertainment that will be talked about for weeks. Aron’s performance is one your guests will never forget.


Aron white offers a special magic show with amazing and interactive performances for teenagers and younger audiences. Aron has the professionalism and dynamics to adjust his magic ensuring he encapsulates and astonishes his younger viewers. The magic Aron performs for younger audiences target ages 5 – 10 year olds and his more advanced tricks and magic for teens aged 13 years and above.

A great and memorable experience!


Your wedding day is by far the biggest party you will ever throw for your friends and family. Therefore by offering astonishing entertainment such as Aron white, your big day will remain memorable in the minds of your loved ones forever.


Holding a corporate function, conference or dinner with over 150 guests and need entertainment for the night that can cope? Aron White can perform for up to 3 hours, amazing over 300 guests at a time, right from their seats.